Railway walks

The railways offer plenty of great walking routes. Whether it's enjoying a breezy coastal walk or a gentle country stroll, trekking long distance routes or scrambling amidst the majestic mountains, Scotland's breathtaking landscape and overwhelming spirit of place will refresh and enliven your senses. Get active and explore Scotland's great outdoors. Walk through lush forests, amble along sandy white beaches or summit spectacular mountains. Many people who are visiting Scotland to see family, friends or attend a wedding will combine it with a walking trip – you’re sure to return with many photographs!

Scotland Bridge

Range of walks

Whatever type of walking routes you enjoy, from a short stroll with the kids to a trek through wilderness areas viewing the historical railway lines, Scotland provides lots of options and the opportunity to experience stunning scenery, wonderful wildlife and captivating culture.


The extensive path networks in the glens and forests surrounding the high Cairngorms make this area perfect for relaxing walks. Marked trails lead through woods, moors and by rivers and lochs, often with views of the surrounding mountains.

Brechin was such a beautiful part of my drive around Scotland. The road is very narrow and a bit nerve wracking to drive but well worth it.

One of the most beautiful, desolate and almost alien places on the planet I've ever visited. Also I had a great day for visiting to the Diesel Saturday.

Brechin is a very beautiful place to pass. There are lots of different little shops and great restaurants. Highly recommend visiting the Murder on the Brechin Express if you have a chance!